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Smart Printers Ltd was established back in 1991 and has grown steadily to become a leader in the printing industry in the country .We are active in several in several key areas including general office, printed stationery books, magazines, catalogues and flyers besides serving a variety of specialty commercial  printing needs. Our premises are located at Westland along  Muthithi  Road.              

Our solid business strength is one advantage we offer our customers. Equally important is our desire to listen to their needs and fully understand their business environment.

As a printing firm we are today facing ever- shorter runs coupled with ever-increasing demands on quality shorter delivery times and a keen awareness of cost. We have therefore invested inforward-looking technologies that are needed to meet these challenges and optimize quality and performance across a whole range of printing applications.

By providing you with top quality to maximize output, operate cost-effective for short run, minimizing make-ready times, we ensure reliable production through utilizing only state-of-the-art technology that gives both you and us the means to respond quickly and flexibly to the growing ever changing needs of the market. Because of varying customers’ needs, we are equipped with a wide range of machines allowing us to choose the perfect machine for our particular needs.

Smart Printers Ltd gives you the best of both worlds: wide-ranging multiprinting capabilities and in-depth market expertise. We have a network of more than 120 satisfied clients developed through our 19 years of service delivery. We have invested in new equipment and technologies to match the evolving need of our customers from mass-market communication to high impact one-on-one personalization.

Smart Printers Ltd provides a full spectrum of print and related services under one roof. We also have complete binding and finishing capabilities.

Intelligent listening:

By creating sales and services teams dedicated to specific markets, we are continually deepening our understanding of the issues and trends that affect our customers profitability. That knowledge allows us to ask the right question and identify the solution and technologies that bring our customers better quality, faster turnarounds and greater efficiencies.

Single point of entry:

Our market team provides a single, informed point of entry to a whole range of products and services. Their reliability and deep understanding of your business brings abundant peace of mind.






Products / Services

The following are added value benefits that our organization will gain from utilizing our services:


                Direct Marketing                                              Folders

                Books                                                                    Posters

                Catalogues                                                          Calendars                           

                Magazines                                                          Printed Stationery

                Retail Flyers                                                        Corporate Marketing Project




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Smart Printers Limited

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